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lt's Official!

We have always been an Official HK Audio Dealer and we are now part of their UK Official Dealer Network.  Our website now shows most of the complete range of HK Audio Products.


Featured Products
Maxell CD-R80 Printable 50-pack
Description Suitable for Printing in CD Inkjet Printers White Surface Multi-use Recording capacity up to 700MB Up to 52x speed compatible Large capacity recording in digital data, text, video, graphics, photographs etc. Write-once CD makes it unalterable, ideal for archiving precious files Rapid access time Durable and stable against sunlight exposure Available in 50 pack spindle
inc VAT £7.20
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Allen & Heath Qu16 digital audio mixer
Qu-16 takes compact digital mixing to a new level with innovative design and exceptional functionality combining to create a superb professional mixing experience. Bristling with all the features you'd expect from a top of the range digital console and incorporating technologies pioneered on our GLD and iLive digital mixing systems, Qu-16 has the power and pedigree to deliver class-leading audio performance. Whether you're switching from analogue or updating your digital desk, it's time to experience the new digital with Qu-16. •16 Mono Inputs (TRS + XLR) •3 Stereo Inputs (TRS) •4 Stereo FX Returns •16 Busses •12 Mix Outputs (LR, Mono Mix 1-4, Stereo Mix 1-3) •4 FX Engines •AES Digital Out •19” Rack Mountable •Moving Faders •Recallable AnaLOGIQ Preamps •Qu-Drive direct Multitrack Recording / Playback on USB drives •800x480 Touchscreen •iLive FX Library •dSNAKE Remote Audio Port •Compatible with ME Personal Mixing System •Qu-Pad iPad App •USB Audio Streaming •DAW MIDI Control •4 Mute Groups •Trim, polarity, HPF, gate, insert, 4-band PEQ, compressor and delay on all Inputs •Insert, 1/3 octave GEQ, compressor and delay on Main LR and Mono Mix outputs •Insert, 4-band PEQ, compressor and delay on Stereo Mix outputs •Built-in Signal Generator •RTA with Peak Band indication
inc VAT £1,569.00
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HK AUDIO F.A.S.T Active Stage Monitor - EX HIRE
HK AUDIO F.A.S.T Active Stage Monitor - EX HIRE
HK AUDIO F.A.S.T Active Stage Monitor EX-HIRE (included protection cover). 300 W power amp, 12" Low/Mid speaker, 1 " CD horn 60°x 40°, XLR microphone input, Combination XLR/1/4” jack line input, DynaClip™ Limiter, OFR™ technology, Subsonic Filter, DuoTilt™ speaker stand mounting collar, Multifunctional housing.
inc VAT £250.00
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QLXD24/SM58 Handheld Wireless Microphone System 24-bit Digital Audio, 100 meter (330 ft.) Range (line-of-sight operating range), Ethernet Networking, Rechargeable Power Options (sold separately). Featuring an SM58® handheld wireless microphone transmitter, QLXD24/SM58 combines professional features with simplified setup and operation. Includes SM58, QLXD4, microphone clip, power supply, 2 AA batteries, battery contact cover, two 1/2 wave antennas, 2 BNC cables, zipper bag, 2 BNC bulkhead adapters, rackmount kit, and user guide. This System included SB900 Rechargeable Battery.
inc VAT £999.00
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Shure BLX24UK/SM58-K3E radio microphone set
Shure BLX24UK/SM58-K3E radio microphone set
SM58 (BLX) VOCAL MICROPHONE Industry standard SM58 microphone tailored to deliver warm and clear vocal reproduction. Shure Wireless (BLX) Systems combine professional-quality sound with simple setup and an intuitive interface for legendary audio performance right out of the box. Precision-built and available in a variety of configurations, it’s the most accessible way to own the stage. Includes BLX4 single-channel receiver, BLX2/SM58 handheld transmitter, microphone clip, power supply, 2 AA batteries, and user guide
inc VAT £212.00
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Allen & Heath QU24 Digital Mixer
FEATURE SUMMARY 30 In/24 Out Digital Mixer AnalogIQ(TM) Preamps 800x480 Control Touchscreen Automated Faders iPad and ME-1 Personal Mixer Compatible USB Audio Streaming Integrated Multitrack USB Recording Store and recall up to 100 full scenes at the touch of a button
inc VAT £2,079.00
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JTS KA-10PACK Radio microphone camera system Channel 70
JTS KA-10PACK Radio microphone camera system Channel 70
This radio microphone system is designed for both professional and consumer video camera and we have had a lot of interest and sales for this kit. The CM-201 has omni directional pick up pattern. Lithium battery gives up 14 hours life for both transmitter and receiver. UHF PLL 16 selectable frequency range in Channel 69-70. Range of operation is in excess of 60 metresThe KA-10 system includes KA-10R receiver KA-10T transmitter KAC50X 3.5mm mini jack to mini jack cable KAC150 3.5mm mini jack to XLR cable, TG-10CH2 twin mains charger for both transmitter & receiver CM-201 omnidirectional lavaliere microphone Camera shoe mount adaptor
inc VAT £279.00
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Maxell 5 pack Mini DV cassette 60 min
Maxell 5 pack Mini DV cassette 60 min
Mini DV tape (5 pack)- Digital Video Cassette for digital video cameras. Recording and Playback Time: 60 min SP / 90 min LP
inc VAT £10.20
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Best Sellers
Electro-voice N/D767 dynamic mic.
Electro-Voice Re50/B Reporter Microphone
RMG 911 ¼ x 7
RMG 911 ½" x 10.5" open reel tape x 2500 ft.
RMG LPR35 ¼" x 7" x 1800ft
Proel HCM08 professional headset microphone - beige
Proel HCM09 professional headset microphone - beige
Proel HCM03-T4SH BEI Fixed headworn microphone - beige
RMG SM911 open reel tape
RMG SM911 ¼" x 10.5" x 2500' NAB spool open reel tape
Proel MSLL09
Proel MSLL09 LED lamp for music stand
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