HK Audio Elements - E 210 SUB AS

HK Audio Elements - E 210 SUB AS


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E 210 SUB AS SYSTEM SUBWOOFER. The new E 210 Sub AS system subwoofer comes with two 1,200-watt amps in its engine room.


The new E 210 Sub AS system subwoofer comes with two 1,200-watt amps in its engine room. Power amp number one drives the two internal 10' woofers, with plenty of juice left over to run an external passive type L Sub 1200. The second power amp delivers 900 watts at 2.6 ohms to drive up to three E 835s (or six E 435s).

Technical Data:

E 210 SUB AS
Headline System Subwoofer
Nominal impedance 8 Ω
Frequency response -10 dB 38Hz – 150Hz via active system x-over
Subwoofer amplifier 1,200W / Class-D @ 4 Ω
Active protection circuits RMS limiter, subsonic filter; DC, load, & thermal temp.- controlled fan)
LF Speaker 2 x 10" (2.5“ voice coil)
Connections 1 x XLR Combo In 1 x XLR Through 2 x Speakon-Out 1 x SUB + 1 x Mid/ High 2 x E-Connect Out
Input Sensitivity +4dBu
Continous power into 4 ohms 1,200W Class D @ 4 Ω (Subs) / 1,200W Class D @ 4 Ω (Mid/High)
Pole mount 2 x E-Connect
Dimensions (WxHxD) 38 x 67 x 56 cm
Weight 36,7kg, 80.8 lbs

Accessories (not included):

Subwoofer Cover

Subwoofers are rarely handled with velvet gloves, so this cover provides twice the padding to protect active and passive subs especially effectively against damage in transit.


Locking Wedge Retrofit

Locking Wedge Retrofit for One E 210 Sub AS (Article No.: 1007387)

To attach ELEMENTS mid/high units fitted with a locking wedge connector



EF 45

The base accommodates the mid/ high units, amp module, and mounting pole. Its extendible feet ensure the mounted elements sit on a stable, secure platform.

• Stable system base with a small footprint
• Integrated E-Connect bus
• Two parallel NL4 ports
• 45-51 x 31 x 12.5 cm; 7.7 kg


EP 1 / EP 2

These speaker poles are unlike any other. They enable simple, speedy setup for smaller configurations. Freely adjustable, they forward the signal to the top-mounted mid/ high units via the internal E-Connect coupler/ bus – no speaker cords necessary.

• Anodized aluminum with ring lock
• EP 1: Adjustable height from 95 to 160 cm
• EP 2: from 44 to 60.5 cm
• Integrated E-Connect bus
• Exceedingly light weight
  EP 1 = 0.8 kg
  EP 2 = 0.5 kg

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