Olympus LS 100

Olympus LS 100

TSProfessional Sound + Light

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Olympus have done it again as this multi track recorder. The LS-100 offers a level of sound quality and a range of recording versatility that is sure to impress even the most revered professionals in the music, production or broadcasting industries.

Robustly built for on-the-job reliability, it is equipped with a host of high-performance features including an 
XLR connection for individually setting the recording level for the L/R channel and
phantom power supply (48V/24V) - producing professional studio-level results every time. 
High-end directional microphones able to capture up to an impressive 140dB sound level and
premium amplifier circuitry are dedicated to capturing full depth and accurate audio imaging, 
be it from a loud rock concert or the delicate sound of a classic instrument.
The superior true stereo 90° microphone system is enhanced further by advanced in-built
technology such as a low-cut filter for reduced noise and adjustable mic sensitivity, 
also delivering an outstanding S/N ratio. Linear PCM (24bit / 96kHz) recording is complemented by
Broadcast Wave Format (BWF) and multi-tracking capabilities, 
enabling professionals to record, edit, tweak and re-record multiple sound sources with maximum flexibility,
culminating in a cohesive audio whole of outstanding clarity. 
Further flexibility is provided by overdubbing, pre-, automatic and remote* recording.
The LS-100 is professional in every respect - and delivers portable recording at a high performance level. (*optional)

Professional multi-track PCM recording
  • Maximum sound quality for up to 140dB sound pressure
  • Dual XLR/Phone combo jacks with Phantom Power Supply (48V/24V)
  • Linear PCM (24bit/96kHz) / MP3 / BWF
  • Durable metal body with microphone guard
  • Overdubbing capabilities
  • Pre-, automatic & remote* recording (*optional)
  • Automatic Gain Control (AGC)
  • L/R independent recording level setting via dial control
  • Metronome & tuner
  • Lissajous, key shift and playback speed control
  • Variety of sound enhancement & editing functions
  • 4GB memory plus SD(XC) slot
  • Li-Ion battery, AC adapter, USB converter and case included

Contents of box

  • Instruction Manual
  • LI-50B Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery 925mAh
  • A-514 AC Adapter for USB
  • CS-141 Case
  • Hand Strap
  • KP-22 USB cable
  • USB Conversion Connector

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