Audio Technica - DC5 Drum Pack

Audio Technica

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The Audio Technica DC5 drum pack includes a core selection of five microphones specifically engineered for drum applications. the four included DDM1 snare/tom microphones and one BDM1 kick drum microphone feature low profile design for minimum visibility and versatile placement options around the drum kit. Also included in the package are four drum rim microphone mounts and an extremely smart durable carrying case.

Tailored for snare. rack toms and other highly dynamic instruments, the DDM1 snare/tom microphone offers moving coil dynamic design with a cardiod pattern delivering superior off axis rejection for maximum gain before feedback. with afrequency response of 100-12,000Hz the microphone is engineered to handle fast transients and high SPLs. The cardiod dynamic BDM1 kick microphone has a frequency response of 60-12,000Hz. A natural at handling high SPLs, the BDM1 delivers superior results on bass drum as well as on floor and deep rack toms.

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