Allen & Heath - AR2412 Main Audio Rack

Allen & Heath - AR2412 Main Audio Rack

Allen & Heath

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Main AudioRack AR2412 is the Main AudioRack for the GLD digital mixing system. AR2412 provides 24 XLR inputs and 12 XLR outputs when connected to a GLD-80 mixer. Connection is over Cat5 cable running Allen & Heath’s dSNAKE protocol, allowing the AR2412 to be positioned up to 120m from the GLD-80. dSNAKE provides control to the remote preamp, and all mic preamps are scene recallable. For larger systems, a GLD-AR84 Expander AudioRack can be connected to the AR2412 to add a further 8 XLR inputs and 4 XLR outputs. AR2412 also includes an AviomTM Pro16 compatible Monitor port.

The AR2412 is an audio interface rack for the Allen & Heath GLD and Qu digital mixing systems. It provides 24 remote controlled mic/line preamps and 12 XLR line outputs. It connects to the mixer over a single Cat5 cable using the Allen & Heath dSNAKE protocol. An AR84 or AB168 AudioRack can be connected to the AR2412 to expand the number of system inputs and outputs. A dedicated Monitor port allows connection to Allen & Heath ME personal mixing system. The AR2412 is simply an audio interface. It cannot be used by itself. It must connect to the GLD or Qu mixer which is where the audio is processed.  The AR2412 is not compatible with Allen & Heath iLive Series components or ACE connection. Refer to the GLD User Guide AP8561 and Qu User Guide AP9372 for instructions on connecting and using the AR2412 with your system. Refer to the Allen & Heath web site for more information and suitable Cat5 cables.

 Input sockets 24 balanced XLR inputs for microphone and line level sources. The preamps are built into the AR2412 rack and their Gain, Pad and 48V phantom power is remote controlled from the mixer via the dSNAKE link. The output of the analogue preamps are converted to digital format and transported via dSNAKE to be processed and mixed at the GLD or Qu mixer.

 The sockets are numbered 1-24. On GLD, any input can be patched to any channel at the console. On Qu, sockets are mapped one-to-one to input channels.

 Output sockets 12 balanced XLR outputs operating at nominal +4dBu line level. Any signal can be patched to any socket using the GLD I/O screen or Qu Setup / Output Patch / dSNAKE menu. The mixer defaults to a logical mapping of these sockets to get you started.

 EXPANDER port Cat5 cable link to connect an AR84 or AB168 rack to add further mic/line inputs and XLR line outputs. The GLD system numbers these sockets as dSNAKE Exp Inputs 1-16.

 MONITOR port Cat5 cable link to connect to Allen & Heath ME personal mixing system. With a GLD system, the port is also compatible with AviomTM A-16 personal mixers.

 dSNAKE port Cat5 cable link to connect the AR2412 rack to the mixer. This carries the inputs, outputs and the monitor port sends audio to and from the rack as well as control for the preamps and system status.? Maximum Cat5 cable length is 120m (396’) depending on cable type.

 Note that dSNAKE is not compatible with the iLive ACE connection

 Fan A low noise fan ensures air movement through the rack to keep the circuits within operating temperature range.

 Ensure good ventilation at the back of the rack.

 Mains power input IEC connector, fuse and power ON/OFF push switch for the built-in universal voltage power supply unit. This accepts worldwide voltages from 100 to 240V AC 50/60Hz. Check that you have received the correct mains lead for your territory.? Secure the cable in place using the plastic P-clip. Use a T20 Torx screwdriver to refit the screw.

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