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SOUNDCADDY ONE is up, running, and ready to use in no time all. Everything you need in a portable PA is packed into this remarkably convenient and elegant ‘caddy.’ Equipped with integrated wheels, handles, and protective edge guards, it is easily and quickly transported.And life is just as easy once you arrive at the venue: Simply press a button to pneumatically extend the mid-/high-range unit, connect the signal sources to the integrated four-channel mixing console, and the system is ready to go. SOUNDCADDY ONE, a bona fide HK AUDIO plug & play system, sounds as good as it handles.Featuring six custom wide-range speakers in vertical array, SOUNDCADDY ONE offers all the superior benefits of a line array. Its 70° horizontal coverage pattern spreads sound evenly throughout the audience area. The on-board subwoofer is loaded with three 6″ woofers that provide the perfect underpinning for the lower frequency range. And with all that, SOUNDCADDY ONE renders speech and music with remarkable authority and power. If can even deliver satisfying fullrange sound for smaller live concerts.

  • Active all-in-one sound system features an integrated 600 W Class-D power amp and a four-channel mixing console.
  • Made of die-cast aluminum, the line source mid-/high-range enclosure is loaded with six 3.5″ wide-range speakers with excellent reach, intelligibility, and a 70° horizontal coverage pattern.
  • The pneumatic speaker pole automatically extends the system to a height of 2.10 meters at the touch of a button.
  • The subwoofer’s three 6″ woofers reinforce bass and low midrange frequencies.
    19- mm birch plywood housing features recessed grips, wheels, and edge guards for easy, safe transport.
  • A protective cover is included.Integrated 4-channel Mixing Console
    Two mono channels (Mic in/ Combi in) with Volume and Tone knobs and a Neutrik combo port for XLR and 1/4″ cords.
  • Two stereo channels (Line In/Aux In) sport Volume and Contour knobs. One is equipped with two Neutrik combo inputs; the other with RCA connectors and a 3.5-mm mini jack plug.
  • XLR Line Out sends the signal to a second SOUNDCADDY ONE system in mono or stereo mode.
  • RCA Recording Out serves monitoring purposes and to send the signals to further devices.
  • Separate Bass knob for the subwoofer and a Power On/Limiter LED for visual monitoring.

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