Fostex - FR2LE - Portable Location Recorder

Fostex - FR2LE - Portable Location Recorder


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This pack offer not only includes the fantastic FR2LE recorder but comes with the Fostex MC115 stereo location and interviewing microphone as well as a pair of Sennheiser eH1430 headphones, a Ni-MH rechargable battery pack kit with 4 AA batteries and a desk microphone stand perfect for recording interviews with! That's over £60 worth of extras absolutely free!

FR-2LE main features Recording on Type II CompactFlash™ cardLight weight, yet tough with a highly rigid chassis FAT32 file system & BWF Stereo file format MP3 recording/playback Up to 24 bit 96kHz audio performance 2 x professional phantom powered XLR mic inputs with precise recording level adjustment control ALC (Off/On/Limiter) and HPF(On/Off, 100Hz -12dB/Oct) Built-in stereo microphones for quick memo recording USB 2.0 for high speed file transfer to PC 2 second Pre Rec buffer 1 take = 1 file system (eliminates overwrites) Approx. 8 hours battery operation Wired remote controller with mic attachment beltLong battery lifeThe FR-2LE can run up to 8 hours on standard off-the-shelf NiMH batteriesExtended recording timesOver 12 hours @ 16bit 44.1kHz recording on an 8GB CompactFlash cardProfessional inputsDual XLR inputs (XLR-phone combo) with top quality microphone pre-amps, trim control and phantom power. Analog out is offered on RCA connectorsBWF or MP3 recordingRecord up to 24bit 96kHz audioTough constructionManufactured from high-grade materials and specifically designed for professional location recordingFail Safe RecordingIn addition to a 1 take = 1 file system to eliminate overwrites, the FR-2LE also features Auto File Closing which closes files at one minute intervals, thus preserving the data in the event of a power failure.USB 2.0The USB 2.0 port allows direct connection to PC and MAC for easy file transfer.


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