HK Audio Elements Pole - EP1/EP2

HK Audio Elements Pole - EP1/EP2


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HK Audio Elements Long Pole Mount EP1. HK Audio Elements Short Pole Mount EP2.

EP1 - Long Pole

EP2 - Short Pole

The mounting pole vastly facilitates rigging up smaller Elements setups. It is continuously adjustable and provides cordless signal routing to the mid/high units.

They enable simple, speedy setup for smaller configurations. Freely adjustable they forward the signal to the top-mounted

mid/high units via the internal E-Connect coupler/bus - no speaker cords necessary.

• Anodized aluminum with ring lock

• EP 1: Adjustable height from 95 to 160 cm

• EP 2: Adjustable height from 44 to 60.5 cm

• Integrated E-Connect bus

• Exceedingly light weight
  EP 1 = 0.8 kg
  EP 2 = 0.5 kg

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