Linear 5 L SUB 2000 A

Linear 5 L SUB 2000 A


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L SUB 2000 A (active subwoofer) Technical DataHighpower system subwoofer 1200 Watt Class-D amping 2x12' Speaker with 2,5' voice coil.

HK Audio Linear 5 L SUB 2000 A (active subwoofer)

Equipped with a sixth-order double bandpass crossover, the L Sub 2000 A is the perfect reinforcement for L5 tops. Its lowend performance in the 50-120 Hz range is most impressive. It sports two 12' high-excursion woofers. This speaker’s 2.5' voice coil comes with a state-of-the-art cooling system and a dual spider suspension to keep it perfectly centered. A newly developed 1,200-watt, Class-D power amp drives these speakers

  • Highpower system subwoofer for rental companies 
  • 1200 Watt Class-D amping
  • 2x12' Speaker with 2,5' voice coil
  • 133 dB Max SPL Peak @ 10% THD (halfspace)
  • Rugged wood enclosure of birch multiplex 
  • Swichtable X - Over frequency
  • Multifunctional handles

Technical Data

Max SPL 132 dB half space (@ 10% THD)
Max SPL peak 133 dB half space (@ 10% THD)
Max SPL calculated 135 dB half space
Frequency response +/- 3 dB 49 Hz – X-Over
Frequency response -10 dB 39 Hz – X-Over
Power Rating 1200 Watt
Subwoofer amplifier 1200 Watt @ 4 ohms
Amplifier Class D
Active protection circuits Undervoltage-Protection, Thermoprotection, Short-Circuit Protection, Overcurrent-Protection, Subsonic 24dB/Oktave, Peak Limiter
LF Speaker 2x 12" featuring advanced cooling technology
Cut-off Frequency active 100 Hz / 120 Hz variable with 24 dB/oct.
Connections 2x XLR–1/4"-Combo In, 2x XLR-Thru, 2x XLR-Mid/High Out
Input Sensitivity +4dBu @ Gain Centerclick
Pole mount 1x M20
Handles 4, integrated
Casters optional 100 mm
Enclosure Birch multiplex
Grille 2 mm metal grille backed with black acoustic foam
Finish Acrylic enamel, black
Optional accessories Protective cover, TiltUnit
Dimensions (WxHxD) 51 x 81 x 61 cm
Weight 47.5 kg / 104.7 lbs

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