Mighty Bright XtraFlex LED Light

Mighty Bright XtraFlex LED Light

TSProfessional Sound + Light

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The Xtraflex features a Super L.E.D. which produces three times as much as a regular L.E.D. whilst remaining compact in size. Because it is an L.E.D. you never have to change the bulb and there are no hot spots. The wide, smooth illumination provides superior coverage through a unique light-spreading lens.

The flexible arm of the XtraFlex allows you to direct light quickly and easily in infinite directions. The compact styling and collapsible arm, which conforms to the base, allows the Mighty Bright to be easily stored or transported. Clip it onto your quilting frame, take it to classes, use it for travel and on your sewing machine - anywhere where there is not enough light for close-up work or reading. In fact there are so many uses for it we probably couldn't list them all! The XtraFlex craft light has not only a free standing base but also a large-opening clip.

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