Electro-Voice - Q44-II Amplifier

Electro-Voice - Q44-II Amplifier


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The Electro Voice Q44-II is a solid, reliable amplifier for clubs and diverse mobile applications. It is equipped with a complete safety system that protects it against overloading, overheating, short-circuiting and irregularities in the power supply.

At the rear of the Electro Voice Q44-II is a switch for choosing the amplifier mode. In Dual mode, both channels work independently from one another, which is useful with all two-channel applications, such as stereo or bi-amp. Parallel mode, on the other hand, links the inputs from channels A and B with one another. That means that you can connect your sound source to channel A, and that signal will be sent to both A and B. This function is useful when one signal is driving multiple channels

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