RODE - S1 Microphone

RODE - S1 Microphone


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Handheld Live & Studio Condenser Mic with super-cardioid polar response. Supplied with pouch & M1 stand mount.

The RODE S1 is designed specifically for 'no compromise' live vocal performance, but has also found a place in the studio where the performer wants to hold the recording mic. The S1 utilises a true condenser transducer for studio quality sound reproduction. Its sophisticated high pass filter dramatically reduces undesirable low-frequency background and handling noise. The super cardioid pick-up pattern further limits background noise and virtually eliminates feedback. The multi-stage mesh head filters breath, wind, and plosive noise without affecting sensitivity or frequency response. The hardened mesh head also protects the precision transducer from the rigors of live performance. The rugged ergonomic design of the S1 makes it extremely comfortable to hold and control during use. The high level output of the S1 is electronically balanced to reduce loss over long cable runs.

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