Sennheiser - G3 GB EW135 Hand Held Microphone

Sennheiser - G3 GB EW135 Hand Held Microphone


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Versatility for every style of music and presentations: you can depend on great performance from the ew 135 G3 vocal system. The handheld microphone now allows you to charge the optional rechargeable pack while it remains in the transmitter. Wirelessly link up the transmitter with the receiver with a single touch of the sync button. The true diversity receiver has a backlit graphic display that makes it easy to read under all lighting conditions. Available from stock in Channel 38.

The Sennheiser EW135 G3 System Handheld Wireless Microphone System is the perfect wireless Vocal system with handheld transmitter.The Sennheiser EW135 G3 system includes the SKM100-835 G3 hand-held transmitter & EM100 G3 receiver (rack mountable). Cardioid pickup pattern suitable for general use.

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