Safety Wire 800mm x 3mm

Safety Wire 800mm x 3mm


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Safety wire for securing lighting effects to rigging. Silver finish. Rated maximum load 25 kg •Professionally finished with eyeletted carbine hook and loop with ferrule binding and covered cable ends •Fully conforms to all relevant BS and EC directives and supplied with Certificate of test and examination and EC Declaration of Conformity (BS4533:102.17:1990).

800mm x 3mm Safety Bond Wire Rope 25kg Maximum load

Safety Bond to be used for secondary bonding of light and speaker units to trussing, rigging or other secure mountings

Revelant Directives

EN60598-2-17:17;1989 (British Standard BS4533;102;17;1990 and IEC 60598-17;1989

Specification Details

Carbine hook 5mm x 50mm braking load 570kg (static) 3mm dia 180kg/mm2 galvanised steel wire road safety ratiing 5;1 (100kg WLL) static load

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