Zoom - iQ7 MS Stereo microphone for iPhone

Zoom - iQ7 MS Stereo microphone for iPhone


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Zoom - Microphone

Ultra-immersive stereo sound, wherever you go. The Zoom iQ7 Professional Stereo Microphone for iOS is a highly compact mid-side condenser microphone designed for capturing studio-grade sound on the move.

The iQ7 iOS Stereo Microphone allows you to utilise the mid-side recording technique. Mid-side recording allows you to capture various degrees of stereo imaging, providing a more immersive and detailed recording. The condenser capsules provide exceptional audio fidelity, capturing every nuance, no matter the subject.

Perfect for podcasting, interviews, videography, foley recording, live performances and much more; the Zoom iQ7 is a must-have for recording on the go. It even comes complete with a free Handy Recorder app to get you started in seconds. You can even apply effects to enhance your sound using the app.

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